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Blists Hill Victorian Village – Alternative Wedding Venue

Hold onto your top hats and dust off those corsets because we recently had the pleasure of capturing a wedding at the enchanting Blists Hill Victorian Village in Telford.

As our newlyweds embarked on their journey into marital bliss, the cobblestone streets and period-perfect architecture of Blists Hill provided a timeless backdrop that transported us all to the romantic era of horse-drawn carriages and dapper gents.

Amidst the vintage charm, the pièce de résistance was undoubtedly the magical moment when the new Mr and Mrs hopped onto a beautifully adorned vintage carousel for a ride of a lifetime.

The joy radiating from their faces as the carousel twirled and the camera clicked away encapsulated the pure, unfiltered bliss of a love story unfolding against the picturesque setting of yesteryear.

The merriment continued as guests revelled in the nostalgia of a bygone era, trying their hand at classic fair games scattered throughout the village.

Laughter echoed as couples competed on the coconut shy and more, momentarily transported to a time when simple pleasures were the heart of celebration. With every snapshot, we immortalized not just a wedding day but a journey back in time, where love, laughter, and vintage festivities seamlessly intertwined.

Blists Hill Victorian Village became more than a venue; it became a portal to the past, weaving a narrative of timeless romance in every frame.”
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